Harvard Foosball Tables Reviews

The Harvard foosball table is the premier choice of tables to buy for your home. If your present foosball table is not a Harvard brand, then it should become your ultimate goal to own a Harvard.

Foosball is a popular table game that was once available only in a bar or public recreation center because of its size and costs. Now that homeowners have game rooms specially designed to hold bigger game tables, the foosball table has found its way into homes all across the world. Even before homeowners had room for a full-size foosball table, there are the table top models that allow owners to set up, take down and store a foosball table.

The game of foosball is enjoyed by children and adults. Size doesn’t give an advantage to adults over kids. The game requires quickness and skill that develops over time.

Manufacturer of Harvard Game Tables

Escalade Sports is the manufacturer of the Harvard brand of foosball tables. Its origins as the Indian Archery and Toy Company began in 1927. Over the past 85 years, Escalade Sports has become a leader in quality sporting goods products, customer service, product development and shipping standards.

Escalade’s focus on quality leisure time products has endeared them to families across the world. Their dedication to producing quality game tables that last under heavy usage is appreciated by working families who need to spend their hard-earned money for products that will last.

Escalade is an American company headquartered in Evans, IN with manufacturing facilities in Gainesville, FL, Raleigh, NC, Olney, IL and Rosarito, Mexico. A procurement office is located in Shanghai, China.

Characteristics of Harvard Game Tables

There are specific characteristics that place the Harvard table above all the rest:


  • The foosball tables are more massive than most to withstand the rough play that some men and teenage boys can enjoy when playing foosball.


  • The Harvard game tables are ruggedly good-looking. You can tell just by looking at them that they are strong and durable.


  • The large game tables allow plenty of room for foursomes to play comfortably.


  • The parts are made from the best materials to ensure less breakage or damage, reducing replacement and repair costs considerably.

Cost of Harvard Game Tables

If the price of a Harvard game table has you hesitating, consider what you save when you buy the most expensive table you can afford. If you own a foosball table that is not a Harvard, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you replacing a table that just didn’t stand the test of time? In other words, how long did your current foosball table last under the wear and tear of animated foosball games?

  • Will at least one adult male and a teenage boy be playing foosball? You need a reliable table to hold up under the strength of men.

The Harvard foosball table usually comes with quality Harvard foosball table parts and gets fantastic Harvard foosball table reviews. The Harvard brand foosball table also features quality Harvard foosball table replacement parts.

We have established the quality of the Harvard foosball table and how it can enhance your game of foosball right in your own home. The price may seem prohibitive, but even a lower priced Harvard can significantly increase your enjoyment of foosball over most other brands.


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