Celebrity Pole Dancing Tips

Pole dancing has come a long way in the last 5 years. Now it’s an accepted fitness endeavour, and it’s benefits are now widely recognised.

In a previous article on Basic Invert 78, we revealed how it helps improve strength and flexibility, as well as develop core strength, all while being fun and enjoyable. It comes as no surprise then why some famous celebrities have incorporated pole fitness in their workout routine.

One of the most well known celebrities is Kelly Rowland, best known for being a founding member of Destiny’s Child alongside Beyoncé Knowles. Aside from her voice, Rowland is known for her sexy body. In a 2010 interview with People Magazine, she credited pole dancing and cutting back on sugar as the reasons for her weight loss. In fact, she credited both for her slimmer appearance in the hit British talent show X Factor. Rowland starred in the reality talent contest as a judge alongside British singer Tulisa, Take That’s Gary Barlow and manager Louis Walsh. Bringing a huge global pop star to the show helped the series reach new audiences including Rowland’s native country.

Rowland’s love for fitness also enabled her to get back into shape after giving birth in 2015, although she dismissed the notion that she was able to shed the pregnancy weight quickly to Time Magazine, saying that the process didn’t happen overnight. She admitted that it took 10 months to 1 year before she was able to return to her previous shape, adding that it took a lot of hard work for her to achieve her goals. She makes it a point to exercise four or five times a week, even working out at midnight in order to reach her goal.

Despite her love for fitness, Rowland ensures that she does not lose so much weight that she loses the curves she is known for. “I would never want to lose too much weight,” she said in an interview with British newspaper the Mirror. “I love having curves and a bum. Men like something to hold on to!”

Aside from a sugar-free diet and pole dancing, the singer also follows a set workout routine to stay fit. Some of her secrets were revealed in an article by Shape, which featured a routine she likes to call “Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt” that she and her trainer Jeanette Jenkins go through on a weekly basis.

What’s great about some of the featured exercises that Rowland runs through with the Mirror is they can be completed with nothing more than a fitness mat and a set of dumbbells. So it means you don’t have to invest in any expensive equipment to get abs like the famous singer – you just need a ton of motivation to hit the routines hard. Rowland also revealed on social media that burpees are another exercise that helps her stay in tip top shape. It’s also another exercise that needs very little equipment to execute and is ideal for her when she’s on the road.

Rowland went on to add that her strategy is to do exercises that she considers fun. For instance, she said that she likes jump ropes because it reminds her of her childhood. She also recommends getting a workout buddy who can encourage you to stay focused on your routine and long-term fitness goals.

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